Zamboanga's Best:Curacha

Zambaonga is a place found in Mindanao, it is actually a small city with lots of scenic and beautiful spots. The place has been one of the largest areas in the Philippines as well as one of the most populated cities. There are two provinces Zamboanga has, Zamboanga Sibugay and Zamboanga del Norte

Since Zamboanga had several spots to visit, people from outside of the countries regularly spend their vacations here. Travelers can anytime come here because the city already put up international transportation whether by air or by sea. These two are used by the city as transshipment of goods to different parts of the Philippines and neighboring countries also.

The city is not just abundant of scenic beauties they have also natural resources specifically sea creatures. Under the sea, you can find the most unique specie which also the specialty of Zamboanga serves as welcoming foods for vacationers. 

Curacha is a red frog crab only found here in Zamboanga, it is a crossbreed characteristic of a large sea crab and a big spiny lobster. Curacha food from Zamboanga is the best food usually people like to eat. It has a big difference between other crabs. Most crabs generally found their meat at the claws part but curacha meat is found in its body. Meaning, you don’t need to use fork or spoon just to break those claws to eat some meat since curacha has it in the bodies and you can simply open it using your hands. Try curacha and enjoy the taste it has.